Sunday, May 9, 2010

AH Strategy for 9-16th may

So having tried the prof cd's each day and flipping items on ah which means buying low and selling higher, i want to take advantage of the main thing i have learned this week and that is the best time to sell is from wed-saturday. With this in my mind i am going to farm mats most of the week on my toons instead of just playing the ah which should give me a decent amount of eternals and greens to de.
The other thing i am considering is dropping alchemy on the rogue and training him up as a miner as the amount of etenals i can farm is significantly higher than what i get from zapthrottles mote extractor.
Although this means taking a hit on the amount of transmutes i can do i think it may be worthwhile, but again the other consideration is engineering is essentially a useless prof except for the pet market and personal use, so maybe keep the alch and drop the eng might be the way to proceed.
Will have to put some thought into this one.

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